Fixed Price servicing

Whats in our fixed price service

After your home a car is the biggest investment you will make. Also your car is in daily uses with moving parts. So it makes sense that you should maintain it properly.

  What is done on a service.

  When a car is serviced correctly there are many things that we do a Deals on Wheels.  The obvious is the oil change, We change the oil and filter . This prevents ware on the engine. Also when we drain the oil we get a good idea of condition of the engine. If the oil is like mushroom soup , the chances are the head gasket has gone and you have water in oil. If the oil is low and very black you may be burning oil , this means the piston rings are worn. All good mechanics drain the oil when the car is hot, the reason being is that it is thinner and you will get more out . If you don’t do it hot you will have a liter of old oil inside. 

  Engine compartment. 

 When under the bonnet all levels will be checked and top up. It is important to uses correct fluid. Different cars uses different fluids suck as brake and auto gear box fluid. If you uses the wrong one your in trouble. The air filter will be changed as it is very dusty in Cyprus and this dust will choke your engine causing loss in power and bad emissions .  Spark plugs will be change when applicable some new spark plugs are platinum and should do 40000km.  All lights will be checked for safety, we stock bulbs for every car. 

  Under car

We have two ramps at Deals on Wheels service centre, While having a service we do a full suspension and drive train  inspection and on the 4x4 vehicles we grease all the ball joints and drive shafts. 


  When servicing properly all breaks should be removed cleaned and adjusted. When a car leaves here the hand brake will have only 3 to 5 clicks.  While the wheels are off we copper slip the studs and also the hub. Alloy wheels bond with the steel hub and make it difficult to remove , the copper slip forms a barrier against this. If a car has squeaky brakes it may need to pads or the shoes roughing up. What I mean buy this is your disks and drums can develop a lip that catches the pad or shoe. We file the pad and uses emery cloth on the drums to give a nice fit. If you have a shudder on you brakes we can reface or skim your disks to make them like new again. 

  Washes and wipers. 

  The hard water in Cyprus blocks the washer jets on all cars. The only way to do this properly is to remove from to car and blow with air line . A pin is also useful but we always blow out any way to remove debris. When refitting to washer jets we then adjust to get best spray .  Wiper blades are always split in Cyprus so we can change these also. 

  Checks and lube. 

 When finishing off your car we grease all door catches and check straps to prevent ware and to give smooth operation. We are often adjusting rear door on the 4x4 as are heavy and drop. The battery will also be serviced buy removing the corrosion and greasing the terminals. Wet batteries should be topped up with distilled water