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Deals on Wheels 14 years and going strong

I was only 26 when my wife and I quite our careers in the UK, I was managing a Van Center on the A690 between Sunderland  and Durham, I worked my way up from the sales floor and still enjoyed the rush of the sales environment, but like everyone I wanted more.  I was always paying off a holiday to a hot destination and had been on the 40% TAX code since I was 19 years old.  By chance we took a standby holiday to Ayia Napa in November and that was when the idea of living in the sun started.  A year later we booked two weeks holiday in Paphos, and during that holiday we bought a house and got two job offers.  We returned to the UK put our hose on the market, put our notice in at work and within a month our house sold and that was it our Cyprus adventure began. We sent our furniture in a container, filled two large suite cases and head to Heathrow with our two cats.  I started working the first week of our arrival, this was September 2003, I took the job offer I received in paphos to sell duty free Land Rovers and BMW at the showroom opposite Debenhams.  It was very quiet in the showroom, so I started going round English clubs to let people know I was on the island.  Any way after two weeks I got called to the boss in Limassol and was told it wasn’t working.  I approached the second offer I had received before coming to Cyprus and I got offered a great package, I was given Paphos as my area however he didnt have a showroom in Paphos so I needed a pitch.  At the time Chris Cash and Carry was the most popular supermarket so we approached them and we had a car outside the door.  Within weeks I was selling great numbers and taking people over to limassol to test drive cars 2 to 3 times a day.  Doing this for two years was great but I was tired of the constant up and down to Limassol, my wife had just had our first child Charlie and with no family near by to help out, I needed to be in paphos

This is when I got brave, I bought a lease on a video shop in the center of town, I could only get a few cars outside and had cars up and down the street, this was in 2005 I was the first English car dealer on the island previously you needed a Cypriot partner.  As you can imagine I quickly out grew the DVD shop and got a showroom in Geroskipou on the airport road, this is when I really put my foot down, Cyprus was booming from all the English property market and new entry into Europe.  I was importing Honda HRVs like they were going out of fashion, also Toyota Rav 4s and other small jeeps. Also at this time I opened a workshop as my friend DAKA Dave was selling up to return to the UK.  Shortly after the boom years the Northern Rock went bust and then everyone realised the boom of the noughties was full of hot air and a lot of people moved back to the UK and the sales market slowed down, at the same time the showroom had no access  due to road works for three months so I made the decision to close it and move all the cars to the workshop in town and have everything at one site.  Slowly the market came back as people could see that living in Cyprus was a lot better than UK.   

Two years ago I opened another showroom in Chlorakas near the workshop and it has payed off well.  I am the longest established English car dealer on the island and over 14 years I have sold thousands of cars and I would like to thank all my customers for your support.  I have always seen Deals on Wheels as my family’s future for my 3 sons to build on when I retire.