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Here are some car dealer’s tricks that will have your car looking its best without spending a fortune on cleaning products. Everything you need is already in your home!

To start with, especially in the summer it is best to wash your car first thing in the morning or in the shade. If you wash your car in the sun it’s likely to look worse when you’re finished. To clean the outside of your car uses washing up liquid it’s as good as any wash and wax, it really cuts though the dirt and leaves it squeaky clean (forgive the pun).

Start on the roof and work down rinsing the sponge often to save you rubbing dirt back on. If you have dried on bird droppings soak them and then come back to them after they have softened. When you are working your way down the car open the door and boot and clean the door pillars and steps, this will add to the overall wow factor.

The last job is the wheels and tyres or you will put grease on your body work. If you have alloy wheels you can uses oven cleaner to remove the brake dust, but read the safety instructions first. Then rinse car off with a hose pipe. After rinsing you need to get the water off the car, you can take off a wiper arm and use it like a squeegee to clear the bonnet, windows and roof. You then need to wipe the whole car over with a wash leather. If you don’t have one an old towel or t-shirt will do the same job. When drying off don’t forget the inside of the doors.

How to dress your car?

I was told a long time ago when I started off in the car business “Wheels and Windows”. It’s the same as a smart hair cut and shiny shoes! Also they are both easy to get a good finish on. What I mean by that is even the scruffiest old car is 30% glass, and if you get a good shine on that it gives the illusion that the car is clean. So for your windows what I suggest is you get a scraper blade and remove any old tax disc stickers or stuck on dirt. You can scrape the glass quite hard without doing any damage. You can also you can use thinners, white spirit or even nail vanish remover without fear of damage. Once you have them back to factory finish, use household window polish inside and out.

For your wheels, if you have trims and they look a bit shabby take them off and spray paint them silver, one can is more than enough for one car. For your tyres you make think I have gone mad but the cheapest and best way to restore them to shiny black is to paint them with orange juice concentrate. If you have mud flaps paint these as well and it really does work. I have noticed that a lot of bumpers in Cyprus fade and get white marks on them. You can get gel for these but you don’t need to waste your money on that. Just get some old engine oil and wipe them over, they will be like new in no time, be careful however to wipe it off when you’re done.

For the inside you can improve the look without doing a full valet or having specialist equipment. Again washing up liquid will do a great job on your seats, just sponge them off especially the driver’s seat and door panels. Don’t be worried about getting them wet just run the car with the heater on to dry them out after. The next job is the plastics , Pay particular attention to the controls like gear stick and hand break, as these are normally the worst parts. Just to finish off the car you need some silicone dash spray as it’s great for getting inside the air vents and removing dust from the grain of the plastics. Also if you follow my tips, you’ll see silicone spray has many other uses for your car.

Simon Says “After reading this you have no excuse for having a dirty car. Many people even find cleaning their car both satisfying and relaxing!”

If you have any other question please drop in to Deals on Wheels for a coffee at my workshop and car sales site, opposite Time Out kiosk on Chlorakas to Old Town road. Or call 99315649.

Posted on 27 Sep 2012 by Admin
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