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Never fill your car when the tanker is in the station. A few years ago I worked on a car sales site that had a petrol station. What I found out is that when tens of thousands of gallons of fuel is pumped in the tanks below ground it disturbs all the sediment which may have been there years! We always had to change the filters in the pumps as they would fill up with sediment causing low pressure. So if you see the tanker, go to next station or come back next day.

Which fuel to use? In Cyprus they offer 95 and 98 octane fuel. As a rule of thumb, if you have a modern car, use the 98. The reason why is that your car will have oxygen sensors in the exhaust and the cheaper fuel can cause these to show a fault and put the management light on you dash board. Simon Says “You will save money by buying the cheaper fuel but in the long run it might not pay.”

If you have any other question please drop in to Deals on Wheels for a coffee at my workshop and car sales site, opposite Time Out kiosk on Chlorakas to Old Town road. Or call 99315649.

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