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Air Conditioning Weakness

Is your air conditioning cold but has no power from the fan? This is very common in Cyprus because of the dust. All modern cars have a pollen filter in the heater system. If you have a Japanese car such as a Honda this is very easy, for European cars you may need to visit a car workshop. On Japanese cars open your glove box and then drop it down by ether squeezing it together at the back or removing a small clip. Once you have dropped it down you should see a small panel. Remove this and you will then see a paper filter. Pull this out. At this point you can either buy a replacement for about €10 or just leave it out altogether. This is the easiest solution and makes no difference to the car , we never used to have them did we?

The only hard one to do is the Honda CRV, if you get half way and you notice a metal bar in the way you have to ether remove half the dash board or the easiest way is to use a screw driver and a hammer to break the plastic surround then pull it out of the hole.

Simon Says “This is no trouble and it does work, but you may need to do it every year or two.”

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Posted on 27 Sep 2012 by Admin
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