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MOT in Cyprus

This month I am going to discuss the M.O.T test, recent changes ,what they are looking for and how to make sure your car will pass.

In Cyprus all cars are due an MOT every 2 years, the only exception to this is a car registered new from the dealer. These are due after 4 years and then every 2 after that. The test is to make sure you car is road worthy and safe, also you can’t tax your car without current MOT. The cost is €34.

The test in Cyprus has been quite simple up until recently when slowly new regulations have come in;

Bull bars or any accessory that is longer than the bumper must now be removed. Tinted windows are also one of the latest focuses. This also includes faders on the windscreen. If you car has factory tint they won’t fail it but the stick on stuff must be peeled off. Before people start quoting European law, I would like to say that I deal in cars and facts and in my experience what they say goes.

Reading this you will realise there is some sense in it all as the next victim is the fat boy exhaust system. The M.O.T. stations have all just bought decibel meters, and your car must be less than 100 decibels at high revs to pass. Well that’s the boy racers sorted out! However there’s nothing to stop them from changing the exhaust before the test then putting it back, although if they can be bothered then they are sadder than I thought.

Rather like the UK all the cars systems should be working correctly, The main fail is the ABS. For those who don’t know this is the anti-lock brakes . The light must come on with the ignition and then go out in a few seconds. If it stays on this is a fail. Coming soon is a full diagnostic computer test for your car, where the station will read the fault codes from your car’s ECU (electronic control unit), or its brain as I call it. This will of course take longer than the current test and the stations are currently trying to get the price of an MOT raised .

How can you help you car to pass?

Tyres. They are looking for a matched pair on each axel, so have a look at the brands of tyres and maybe swap them about a bit so they match.

Mud flaps. If you are looking at you car from behind you should only be able to see 2/3 of the wheel, if you can see more then you need mud flaps.

Emissions. This is the most popular fail. There are a few things you can do to avoid this. Try to tie in you service so that you have it done before your MOT is due. This is guaranteed to reduce your emissions. I have a couple of tips of my own that will help. Go to the EKO petrol station the week before you car is due and buy 100 octane unleaded fuel – it costs more but will burn cleaner and will lower your emissions. Also the hotter you car is when you take it in the better the catalytic converter will work, so give it a good thrash on your way to the station!

Lights. Sounds daft but if you car fails you will have to pay a €10 retest charge. So get a friend to help you check them. In my experience most cars that come for service at the workshop have more than one bulb gone.

Tyre Pressures. Your car will be checked on a rolling road so make sure your pressures are right. If anything you want them on the lower unloaded pressure if you have them too hard you could fail when they test the shockers.

Simon Says “If this all sounds like hard work to you, Deals On Wheels offer a pre MOT and MOT service. In my experience we get most though first time just for a bit of attention to detail.”

If you have any other question please drop in to Deals on Wheels for a coffee at my workshop and car sales site, opposite Time Out kiosk on Chlorakas to Old Town road. Or call 99315649.

Posted on 27 Sep 2012 by Admin
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