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General Winter Care

General Winter Care.

Tyre pressures, now it colder it’s important to check your tyre pressures again they will all be a bit low. If you don’t have a hand book don’t worry most cars have tyre pressures written inside the driver’s door, if they are not there put 2 bar (28psi) all round.

Battery care. Your battery is at most risk when its very hot or cold. If you have wet type battery remove caps and top up with distilled water. It is important that your battery is charging correctly so remove terminals and clean up with wire brush, when refitting terminals tap down with a socket to get best possible fit. Once tightened up put some Vaseline or grease on them to prevent corrosion. If you want best possible life from you battery you should reduce the load on it before you start car, i.e. turn off everything possible like fan radio rear demister. Your battery is working hardest in the winter as engine is cold. It’s also beneficial to let car tick over for couple of minutes before turning off to charge up battery.

Anti freeze. Sounds daft in Cyprus but it also cleans engine and prevents rust. If you live in the mountains its essential as it will drop below 0c.

Air Conditioning. Your aircon needs to be used in order to keep it working. When we put gas in air con we put 20ml of light oil, this keeps the seals soft and intact, if not used the seals will dry up and you will lose your gas.

Simon Says “Winter car care is as important here in Cyprus as it is back home.”

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